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Sunday 28 October - MGAC Open Day and Postal Shoot, Canadian 900 ([email protected] 55/44/35m) with a short Canadian 900 ([email protected]
Our targets are in dire need of some help - please come along this Saturday 6 October from 10:30am-12:30pm for a...
Welcome to the new season! The access code for the MGAC Indoor Range was changed today. If you have renewed your...


Registered Minor Tournaments (RMT) to shoot the World Archery 72-arrow (720) round. Monday 29 October, Wednesday 7 November, Wednesday 14 November. 4:30pm setup for 4:45pm firm start time as the range closes at 7:00pm. These are no-cost, no-frills tournaments which require only a couple of senior Archery NZ members. Up to one score for international competition qualification/selection can be from an RMT.

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Our own Season Opening Day shoot on Sunday 28 October will be stupendous! The round to be shot is a Canadian 900 (30 arrows each at 55, 45, 35 m) with shorter distances available too. Arrive before 9:45am. Includes a group photo! A BBQ will follow the completion of the shoot.

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