Club Membership

Become a Mountain Green Archery Club member today!  We welcome all new members.

If you have never done archery before, we suggest you go through a Beginners Course/Lessons prior to joining. If you have previous relevant archery experience, have done a Beginners Course at MGAC or another club, or are a member of another club, come along to a scheduled club shoot and have a chat.  Please understand that we will ask for details of your training, and may ask to check your archery skills in person with a brief test, before we approve your membership.


Membership Levels

Memberships run from 1 September to 31 August each year. Discounted fees are available from 1 March for new MGAC members only.

Updated 27 Sep 2020: MGAC Club Membership now includes 24/7 access to our Indoor Range.

Senior Membership:  This is for members 18 years and over, and allows you full voting and shooting rights at the outdoor and indoor range.
Cost: $220 per year

Junior Membership:  This is for members under 18 years.  Junior Membership allows you full shooting rights at the outdoor and indoor range and voting rights if aged 16-17 years.
Cost: $135 per year

Associate Membership:  For archers who already belong to another archery club as a senior and wish to also use our club facilities including the outdoor and indoor ranges.  Associate members have no voting or committee rights, cannot hold a club key and cannot receive any club prizes.
Cost: $200 per year

Non-Shooting Membership:  This is for non-shooting members who wish to support the club.  Non-Shooting members are eligible to stand for general committee positions (but not officer positions), and have full voting rights.
Cost: $40 per year

Please see our online membership system, TidyHQ, where you can join our club online including making a payment by credit card.

We prefer for membership fees to be paid online using TidyHQ. This allows us to spend our time helping you get shooting, rather than on boring administration. If all else fails, our account is 02-0110-0091898-00. MAKE SURE to clearly state the archer's name and "membership" in the transfer details, AND send an email to [email protected], to ease processing.


Terms and Conditions for MGAC Membership

Your agreement with these Terms and Conditions will be required as part of joining or renewing your MGAC membership, as part of the online membership process.

In consideration of the acceptance of my membership or participation in events with Mountain Green Archery Club (MGAC),

  1. I agree to abide at all times by the regulations and instructions of MGAC as set out in its constitution and rules available on the MGAC website.
  2. I understand that this is an application for membership. Membership acceptance will be confirmed in a subsequent email. I understand that there is a three-month probation period for new members during which I or the club may terminate this membership.
  3. I agree that MGAC may retain the personal details I have provided here. These details may be used for communication about club news and events. Details will be available to the club committee members only and may be disclosed to Archery New Zealand if requested. I give permission for my email address to be disclosed to MGAC members upon request for club purposes only. I have the right to view and change my contact details anytime on this membership website, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
  4. I permit the use of my name and picture in photos, videos, and informational posts as they pertain to MGAC events and activities, unless and until I withdraw this consent at a later time.
  5. I acknowledge that MGAC will make every endeavour to ensure my safety during all courses, events and tournaments. I will not hold MGAC, its members, organisers, advisors, instructors or coaches responsible or liable for any injury to myself or loss or damage to my equipment or possessions or otherwise which may result from any action, information, or opinion, representation or omission, whether negligent or not, during club events, courses or tournaments.


Auckland District Archery Association

The MGAC club is part of the Auckland District Archery Association, which brings together the target and field archery clubs in the Auckland region. Your MGAC Senior, Junior, or Life membership automatically makes you eligible to enter ADAA events and competitions, which range from the free monthly 600 Round to the annual district championship series (Target, Indoor, Clout, and Field Championships).

Find out more about the ADAA on its website and Facebook.


Archery New Zealand

Archery New Zealand (ANZ) works to promote and develop the sport of archery nationally, as well as to promote and support New Zealand archers in the international arena.  Membership of Archery New Zealand is not compulsory but is strongly encouraged. Membership of ANZ gives archers entry access to tournaments held around the country as well as entry rights into all postal leagues and competitions.

The ANZ subscription year begins each October 1.

See the Archery New Zealand website for current membership prices and information.