Youth Archery

Youth Archery (previously called JAMA) is the junior section of Archery NZ, and offers an opportunity for new and experienced youth archers to complete structured shoots, set and achieve goals, and prepare for competitions if desired.

A full description of Archery NZ's Youth programme can be found on the Archery NZ website.

About MGAC's Youth Archery sessions

Mountain Green runs a scheduled session for Youth Archery on Sunday mornings. Sessions are at the Mountain Green outdoor range unless otherwise noted. Arrive by 8:45am for a 9am shooting start.

All youth archers are welcome at these sessions. We do ask that you:

  • Are already, or intend to become within one week, a paid member of Mountain Green Archery Club - see our Membership page for more information. This means you need to have completed a MGAC Beginner Course, another club's equivalent course, or have received equivalent coaching elsewhere prior to coming to the Youth Archery session; this isn't the place to pick up a bow for your very first time. If you need beginner coaching, see our Starting Archery page.
  • Consider joining Archery NZ as a full or postal event member. This is not required for MGAC Youth sessions, but enables the archer to receive award pins upon reaching specific scores. Archery NZ membership is not required to participate in other club shoots. It IS required for competition in tournaments and it supports the sport of archery within NZ, so it is highly recommended.
  • Arrive on time and have your equipment ready well in advance of the shooting start time
  • Contribute to range setup/packdown tasks as requested
  • Bring your best sporting attitude and willingness to try!

If you are coming along to Youth Archery for your first time (after finishing the Beginner's Course), you should arrive extra-early, by 8:30am - to have a quick introductory chat with our coaches.

Youth Archery Groups

Youth archers are structured into age groups defined by the age you are on January 1st, and are defined as follows for 2019/2020:

Youth Archery Group


Kiwi (under 10)

born 2009 - 2012

born 2010 - 2013

Cub (under 13)

born 2006 - 2008

born 2007 - 2008

Intermediate (under 15)

born 2004/2005

born 2005/2006

Cadet (under 17)

born 2002/2003

born 2003/2004

Junior (under 20)

born 1999 - 2001

born 2000 - 2002

Archers born earlier than the years above are in Archery NZ's Senior division, regardless of the type of membership they might hold in their local club.

Earning pins and badges

Youth archers can earn achievement pins from Archery NZ by achieving a score at or above the monthly round's published "pinscore". Once this score has been achieved three times, a pin claim form can be submitted to Archery NZ as described on this webpage. Note that pins can only be claimed by archers who are members of Archery NZ.

There are several badges available to be claimed based on total one-day scores at Major tournaments, at their relevant World Archery or Youth outdoor distance or above. Badges are available for 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1350, and 1400. Details are available from Archery NZ.

Rounds shot each month

The list of rounds shot each month, and distances for each age group, bow type, and gender, is provided by Archery NZ. The round names are listed below. Round definitions can be found on the Internet and are also described in the Archery NZ Shooting Rules.

Month Round
February 4th distance of the WA 1440
March 3rd distance of the WA 1440
April 4th distance of the WA 1440
May Portsmouth 1
June Chicago
July Portsmouth 2
August Chicago
September Portsmouth 1
October 3rd distance of the WA 1440
November 4th distance of the WA 1440