Range Key Information

After six months of membership in the club, Senior, Non-shooting, or parents of Junior members may apply for an outdoor range key. This key opens the driveway chain and clubhouse doors and locks, allowing range use anytime during available hours.

Keyholders are required to open the club on a Saturday afternoon 2+ times each year.
View the Saturday club shoot roster here, and put your name down.

Requesting a key requires the form below and an application process, including payment of a $120 fee ($20 key cutting fee, plus $100 refundable deposit).

All key applications are decided on a case-by-case basis by the club's committee.

Mountain Green Archery Club Outdoor Key Request Form

This is a fillable PDF form. Submit this form to the Membership Secretary at [email protected]

The fee is payable through TidyHQ (requires member login).


Declaration by keyholders 

Keyholders must agree to the following declarations:

Upon application

I understand that, by filling in this form, I am not guaranteed a key. My request will be reviewed by the committee and approved on a case-by-case basis. I may only apply for a key if I am a current Senior or Non-shooting member of Mountain Green Archery Club (MGAC) or a parent of a Junior Member of MGAC and if I have (or my child has) been a member for a minimum of six months.

For key use

Should I be granted a key, I understand that it is my responsibility to follow safety regulations, rules and constitution of MGAC and any subsequent changes made to them (available on the website and noticeboard in the club house). In particular, I will sign in the attendance book on every occasion I use the archery club facilities. Any unusual/untoward interaction with any member of the public will be recorded, signed and dated in the Club Incident Book.

I understand that this key is the property of MGAC. I will not lend this key and I must return this key when my need or affiliation ends. In addition, I understand I will relinquish my key if my membership status changes to no longer comply with MGAC’s policy for keyholders, or if I am requested to do so by the MGAC committee. My contact details shall be up to date and I will advise the committee if these change.

I understand violations of any of the above may lead to my suspension or termination as a club member plus loss of my deposit.