Club Champs

MGAC Club Champs

In 2020 we introduced the MGAC Club Champs and it was fantasitc to see so many of you trying out new competition formats and taking part in what was a great series.

The MGAC Club Champs will include four events to be shot during the membership year.

In 2021 we are introducing a Club Champion of Champions.

To be eligable for the Champion of Champions trophy, members will need to take part in 3 of the 4 scheduled events.  

Champion of Champions will then be awarded as follows:

1) To be eligible, archers need to compete in all club champ events

2) Archer need to shoot in the same category (see point 3) in all events. Event divisions will be as per Archery New Zealand rules (documented in the Shooting Rules section 1.1 and 1.2)

Novice division for archers who have had less than 1 years archery experience, archer can only shoot in this division for ONE season

3) MGAC Champion of Champions to be awarded in the following 5 categories:

  • Novice (combined men/women i.e. ONE Novice award)
  • Club Junior Men (U17 Cadet or younger)
  • Club Junior Women (U17 Cadet or younger)
  • Club Senior Men (ANZ Junior, Senior+)
  • Club Senior Women (ANZ Junior, Senior+)

All of the above are regardless of bow style. 
Each bow style and age division has the appropriate distance and target face sizes for the event. This will be used as the "equalizing" factor

4) Points awarded in each event based on placings within each of the 5 categories above

  • 1st = 10pt
  • 2nd = 7pt
  • 3rd = 5pt
  • 4th = 3pt
  • 5th = 2pt
  • Participating = 1pt

5) Winner in each category decided on highest total points (in case of a tie, the placing in the Target Event will be the decider)


2022 Event Dates

keep an eye out for updates and entry forms closer to the time.

Clout Champs - Sun 27 March - hosted at Rutherford College
Field Champs
 - Sun 29 May - hosted at Whitford Forrest Archery club - Marked Animal round
Indoor Champs - Sun 10 July - WA18 round at our indoor range
Target Champs & Prizegiving - Sun 25 September - Short FITA at our outdoor range


2021 Results Full

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