For Groups

We receive frequent requests to host groups on our range for events. Before enquiring with us, think about:

  • Is one of our scheduled Beginner Courses or Have-A-Go days able to fit your group?

  • Are the attendees at least 8 years old? Younger children are generally not successful at learning archery techniques due to the strength and concentration required to do this safely.

  • Are you requesting an event during 'usual' business hours? Our coaches and volunteers often work during the 'usual' workday and are not often available during those times.

  • Are you planning enough time to learn? Two hours is usually the minimum to "get the feel" of archery.

  • Our outdoor range hours are limited due to our lease; we cannot shoot at the outdoor range outside of the advertised times, and our scheduled events have priority. Our indoor range is accessible 24/7.

  • Are you contacting us with enough advance notice? We need time to contact coaches/volunteers and confirm schedules; we recommend you enquire at least three weeks in advance of the desired event.

  • Are you able to pay a per-attendee fee? This is generally around $30/person for adults or $20/person for children for a session of up to two hours.

If your event works with the above information, please contact us to discuss your request.