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Results from the 2017 MGAC March Madness Double 720 held on March 19th can be found here.  


This weekend:

  • 8 June - Saturday's club shoot will include matchplay practice (at any distance you like). Ever wondered how matchplay works? Come and find out! Be ready at the outdoor range for a 1:00pm start. Matchplay is great for all ages, abilities, and bow styles. Come and get some experience with this exciting shooting style!
  • 9 June - A reminder that Sunday youth archers need to be at the outdoor range by 8:30am to have the range set up and ready for a 9:00am shooting start. Drag those chauffeurs out of bed!
    Keep putting those Youth Postal scores in ArcheryOSA each month!
  • 9 June - This Sunday we're putting on a registered minor tournament (RMT) with a single 720 round for some competition practice. Cost $5. Register on ArcheryOSA, and arrive at the outdoor range by 12:30pm for a 1:00pm start. All welcome!

    We can't predict how much of the range will be in use for Sunday afternoon's RMT but members are most welcome to shoot alongside in any free lanes.

And later:

  • 16 June - ADAA 600 Round at Auckland Archery Club
  • 22 June - our Saturday afternoon club shoot is augmented by another 720 round RMT - entry details coming soon on ArcheryOSA. This is a ranking round for...
  • 23 June - Sunday afternoon matchplay RMT
  • 29 June - The ADAA District Doubles Tournament will be held at the outdoor range. Team up with a friend or family member and win the trophy using our club bows! More info / Enter online at ArcheryOSA.
  • 14 July - ADAA 600 Round at MGAC
  • 21 July - ADAA Clout Championships at Rutherford College - clout is good fun; give this a go! It's a round we don't get to practice too often. Enter online at ArcheryOSA.
  • 27-28 July - ADAA Indoor Championships at MGAC Indoor Range - entry details coming soon!
  • 31 August-1 September - Archery NZ National Indoor Championship in Palmerston North. Enter online at ArcheryOSA.

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