Scoring for Tournaments

Aug 7, 2017

Our Winter Club Shoots have been going for some time now and it seems that some of us are struggling with our score cards. And its not just the juniors! To help prepare for the upcoming Indoor Nationals and Youth National Championship tournaments we will be using a double scoring system from now on. This can only work if archers score independently. So no copying each other please. Great practise for tournament conditions. 
Also a line cutter is when the arrow shaft touches the higher score zone. Never use the arrow hole. Some of you have been asking so we thought we'd clarify that one. Don't forget that Liz is an experienced judge and she is available to answer any questions you may have about scoring. Please feel free to use your phones as an adding device while you're shooting if that helps, however they need to be left in flight mode while we are shooting and if you use them at tournaments. Remember, in a tournament situation you will get the score you sign for, so it is important to turn in an accurate score sheet. Club level is the best place to learn!





Useful reading on tournament scoring: