Range key changing

Jan 25, 2018

The outdoor range will be re-keyed on Tuesday 6 February 2017 (Waitangi Day) at the Royle Hutton Memorial Shoot scheduled on that date.
If you are a current keyholder, you will have received an email about this change. There are three opportunities for you to be issued replacement keys by the Membership Secretary:
  • This weekend at the ADAA Target Championships at Shore Archery Club (Saturday and Sunday),
  • At the MGAC club shoot at the outdoor range on Saturday 3 February from 1-3pm
  • At the Royle Hutton Memorial Shoot at the outdoor range on Tuesday 6 February from 1-3pm
Keys may be issued outside these times by arrangement with Kelly at mgacmembership at Keys will only be issued in person to the keyholder on record (senior, social, or parent of junior member), and the number on your old key will be verified as part of the issue process.
Thanks for your understanding as we keep the range and our equipment secure for all members to enjoy.