Royle Hutton Memorial Shoot on 6 February

Jan 31, 2018

The annual Royle Hutton Memorial Shoot will be held on Tuesday 6 February at 1:00pm at the outdoor range. Royle Hutton was passionate about archery, especially youth archery, and founded JAMA (now Youth Archery) as well as organising the Trans-Tasman competition within NZ. Clubs throughout NZ compete in this annual postal event on Waitangi Day.

Specifics (from Archery NZ):

This postal shoot to be shot wet or fine on Waitangi Day 6th February 2018

To be shot under minor tournament conditions at an archery club grounds

Round               Burton

5 x 6 arrows at each distance 55m, 46m & 37m

1 x 6 arrows sighting end at each distance

10 zone target face (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

Classes            Recurve (R), Barebow (BBR), Long Bow (LB), Compound (C) and Crossbow (XB), senior (S), master(M) and junior (J)

Face sizes        Recurve, Barebow, Long Bow and Compound 122cm, Crossbow 60cm

Entry fee         $5.00 for both seniors and juniors

Prizes              Only open to Archery NZ members. Yamaha Rosebowl for men’s and women’s recurve winners only; Medals for all other bow types.