North Island Youth Champs results

Mar 25, 2018

Thanks to all archers, parents, and supporters for making this year's North Island Youth Championships an enjoyable and exciting event. Congratulations to all of the winners, and well done to everyone who participated. Your spirit was contagious!

Results are below, or summarised in this PDF.

Target championship (based on Saturday double 720 rounds)

Gold in Cub Mens Compound - Levi Wesford
Silver in Cub Mens Compound - Logan Dittert

Gold in Cub Mens Recurve - Alex Collett
Silver in Cub Mens Recurve - Max McGuire
Bronze in Cub Mens Recurve - Logan Harding

Gold in Cub Womens Recurve - Audrey Rossolatos
Silver in Cub Womens Recurve - Zoe Antone
Bronze in Cub Womens Recurve - Lizzy Robins

Gold in Intermediate Mens Compound - Andrew Syme
Silver in Intermediate Mens Compound - Ben Trim
Bronze in Intermediate Mens Compound - Bailey Cox

Gold in Intermediate Mens Recurve - Ben McLean
Silver in Intermediate Mens Recurve - Benjamin Cook
Bronze in Intermediate Mens Recurve - Felix Cheng

Gold in Intermediate Womens Recurve - Nuala Edmundson
Silver in Intermediate Womens Recurve - Lauren Emirali
Bronze in Intermediate Womens Recurve - Charlotte Askin

Gold in Cadet Mens Compound - Adam Niziol
Silver in Cadet Mens Compound - Brodie Cox
Bronze in Cadet Mens Compound - Nicholas Evans

Gold in Cadet Mens Recurve - Finn Matheson
Silver in Cadet Mens Recurve - Mitchell Hutchinson
Bronze in Cadet Mens Recurve - Jacob Cook

Gold in Cadet Womens Compound - Isabella Wassilieff
Silver in Cadet Womens Compound - Lauren Tucker
Bronze in Cadet Womens Compound - Tiana Rongokea

Gold in Cadet Womens Recurve - Rebecca Jones
Silver in Cadet Womens Recurve - Keeley Watson

Gold in Junior Mens Compound - Ryan Dittert
Silver in Junior Mens Compound - Samuel Hudson
Bronze in Junior Mens Compound - Yazdy Mistry

Gold in Junior Mens Recurve - Chayse Martin-Roberts
Silver in Junior Mens Recurve - Struan Caughey

Gold in Junior Womens Compound - Abi Denton

Gold in Junior Womens Recurve - Hannah Hawley
Silver in Junior Womens Recurve - Julia Harrison
Bronze in Junior Womens Recurve - Emily Cavell

Individual matchplay (Sunday morning)

Recurve division 1
Gold - Finn Matheson
Silver - Rebecca Jones
Bronze - Hannah Hawley

Recurve division 2
Gold - Alex Collett
Silver - Lizzy Robins
Bronze - Benjamin Cook

Compound division 1
Gold - Adam Niziol
Silver - Ryan Dittert
Bronze - Samuel Hudson

Compound division 2
Gold - Levi Wesford
Silver - Andrew Syme
Bronze - Logan Dittert

Mixed team matchplay (Sunday afternoon)

Recurve division 1
Gold - Chayse Martin-Roberts and Mitchell Hutchinson
Silver - Rebecca Jones and Finn Matheson
Bronze - Julia Harrison and Keeley Watson

Recurve division 2
Gold - Audrey Rossolatos and Ben McLean
Silver - Zoe Antone and Alex Collett
Bronze - Isabella Matthews and Benjamin Cook

Compound division 1
Gold - Brodie Cox and Adam Niziol
Silver - Abi Denton and Samuel Hudson
Bronze - Lauren Tucker and Yazdy Mistry

Compound divison 2
Gold - Andrew Syme and Levi Wesford
Silver - Logan Dittert and Ben Trim
Bronze - Andrew Choi and Bailey Cox