Changes to Indoor Access

May 28, 2019

MGAC is changing the way we provide access to the indoor range. We are doing this to help the range become financially self-sustaining.

This directly benefits you!
As of 1 June, all indoor access codes will now be valid for a rolling 12 months from the month of purchase.
This will be backdated to include all current indoor access holders.
This means that if you purchased access in May, it is now valid until 30 April 2020 instead of expiring on 31 August 2019.

Alongside this change, the rate for casual archers will be increased from $5 to $10 per session as of 1 June.

What to expect in the coming week:

* You will receive a new code which is valid for 12 months from your original purchase. This will be sent to you by the end of the day on Friday 31 May and is valid immediately. Please start using this new code when accessing the range.
* From Saturday 1 June, the current code will no longer be active and you will be required to use the new code
* All the new codes will only be valid for 12 months after which they will expire
* If you purchase indoor access next year (following your current 12 month access expiry) you will receive a new code for the next 12 month period

Please note that access is for each individual archer. If you are visiting the range with family members etc who have indoor access, you will still need to either have your own individual access or pay the $10 casual rate to use the indoor range yourself.

The bigger picture:

The indoor range is under financial review by MGAC and we are encouraging archers from every local club to purchase access to help keep this facility available for everyone's use.

You can help by advertising the range as much as possible to your fellow archers. Each year the range costs the amount of about 85 access holders to keep it running. With about 40 current access holders, we are not close enough and as a result, MGAC is set to make a large financial loss.
If we are not able to encourage more archers to use the range casually or purchase access, it may not be possible to continue to provide the range.
So please spread the word and bring your fellow archers along for a shoot!
If you or your club would like to organise a regular time for group access, please get in touch ([email protected]).


Thank you for your continued support of the MGAC Indoor Range!