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Effective 6AM tomorrow (Sun 28 Feb) - Both Indoor and Outdoor range will be closed for all use. No Casual shooting...
Details of Club Champs and Champion of Champions on our website here. Dates for the events are below - keep an eye...
College sport practice has been cancelled for Wed 10 Feb due to bad weather. See you all on Sunday 11am at our...


Club Champs - Field

Entries are now open for the MGAC 2021 Club Field Champs.  This is a fantastic opportunity to have a go at a field round.  If you have never shot a field event before, please come have a chat with any one of the team for some advice.  There will be easy first timer option for Novice archers.
TIP: you will need a selection of sight references/markings - suggest increments of 5m from 5 - 40m

Date: Sat 20 March
Time: Arrive before 9:30AM for warm up on Practice Range - briefing at 10AM start
Location: Massey Archery Club - 0614/11 Red Hills Road, Massey
Cost: $15 per archer ($8 if you are a Massey Member)
Round: 28 target Un-Marked Animal round

Entries -
Please advise us on the entry form if you will require transport OR if you are able to assist with transport.

Flyer with details of the round here.

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Youth Star Maker Tournament - Sat 27 Mar

This will be a 720 ranking round in the morning and Round Robin match-play in the afternoon.
We encourage all our Youth members who have considered tournaments to give this a go!! The best way to practice for a tournament is to shoot in a tournament.
Entries on OSA -

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